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F.a.u.x F.l.u.x F.l.i.g.h.t Oxford Art Factory with Chalk Horse Gallery 2011


Live Endurance Spontaneous Composition Performance – 6 hrs   

With video installation ‘F.a.u.x F.l.u.x F.l.i.g.h.t’ HD Video.

Collaboration with Rachel Scott



The Retro Future Spective Festival, PS122 NYC 2011


Live spontaneous Composition Performance to video installation

Old School Benefit – Performance Space 122, New York City

Line-up included Philip Glass, Thurston Moore, Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts..



Alterbeast – Penrith Regional Gallery 2011



Stills from Video Installation – Endurance piece at Muru Mittigar, Penrith – 3.5 hrs

Alterbeast Performance – Sydney Biennale 2010 Artspace


Spontaneous Composition to Video Installation ‘Poo Zombies’

Alterbeast exists primarily as a core group of three artists: Mikala Dwyer,Carla Cescon and Tina Havelock Stevens who, in collective mode, work together combining sound, video, performance, paintings, sculptures and props to present open-ended ideas.

The idea: there is another kind of mutating beast beyond those we have experienced in horror movies – a beast borne of our own doing, of our anxiety, repressed behaviours and self-denial. The pleasure humans take in horror – so irrational and counter intuitive, offers a passage into a fertile space of hallucination.

Video Stills from ‘Poo Zombies’  – Observational video shot & edited by Tina Havelock Stevens