Tina Havelock Stevens

TINA HAVELOCK STEVENS is a Sydney based artist. Her academic background is in film, sound, philosophy and cultural studies. With a sturdy start as drummer in post punk bands she works across video, sound, music, experimental documentary and live performance and has been compelled to play a spontaneous composition on a full drum kit whilst fully submerged underwater (commissioned by MONA FOMA 2013)

One of her performance projects is under the moniker of White Drummer. White Drummer performs spontaneous compositions as durational-based percussive actions using rock n’ roll drum-kits. While Havelock Stevens usually makes work at sites representing charged fields of action, the performance is not framed by its location but inhabits it visually and sonically tuning into the frequencies of site and place, the inexplicable and the other.  The work becomes an intense, almost shamanic act bridging transitional moments in time and space. These performances are often recorded for future video installations.

The internal narrative which shapes the ethics and aesthetic of her practice constitutes the meditation on the relationships that we have between each other, the places we inhabit, and ourselves.  It’s in these spaces that the split can be seen between humans, where what are certain life beliefs for some are the antithesis for others. Havelock Stevens translates observations and the personal with unmeasured responses untamed by violent planning. Her conceptual engagement fields an apocalyptic edge with themes of decay and fragility within urban, environmental and emotional spaces. The variety of mediums she employs work either singly or in combination with each other.

Selected Works: Havelock Stevens won the Contemporary Section of the Fisher Ghost Art Prize exhibited at Campbelltown Arts Centre, with her Super 8 film ‘Little Egypt in Marrickville'(2013) She has made a series of works in the US, including a White Drummer experimental documentary set in the post apocalyptic city of Detroit (2013) and various videos set in charged sites around the Mojave Desert and Southwestern States (2014-2015). She channeled her formative self by playing for three days to personal vinyl and mixed cassettes inside her sound proofed re-imagined teen bedroom for ‘White Drummer Rewind Room’ commissioned by Performance Space at Carriage works (2015). Her video work White Drummer Ghost Class where she performs in the carcass of a jet plane showed at Alaska Projects, Sydney and Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne and at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra  as a finalist in the National Digital Portrait Prize (2015). She is making ‘Nothing City, Nothing Place’ an experimental video that reveals the inevitable breakdown of architecture and community in Millers Point, Sydney (2016) Her next major show is at MONA’s DARK MOFO with her new video work ‘Thunderhead’ shot in Texas.(2016) Havelock Stevens will also perform the improvised soundtrack as a live work to the video on two occasions.

Other work includes Racquet Racket Dual Duel at Cementa15, White Drummer Lady Bushranger at Cementa15,White Drummer Detroit at Bulletspace, NYC 2014, White Drummer activates Domus, Materials and Applications Los Angeles 2014, White Drummer March in March at Pretty Gritty, 107 Projects 2014, Funpark Sydney Festival 2014, White Drummer Detroit in Dirt, Dust and Ruins at Tin Sheds Gallery, University of Sydney 2013, Chicks on Speed Collaborations Artspace and new album, Transmission at Campbelltown Arts Centre 2012 , Ghost Wash for Brisbane Festival 2012, Retro Future Spective Festival at PS122 NYC 2011, Alterbeast at Penrith Regional Gallery, Gertrude Contemporary and Sydney Biennale 2010, Artspace.


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